Where Can You Get a Cornhole Game Board?

Any home improvement expert with a jigsaw has usually built their own cornhole game board at one time or another. This is actually a very easy product to make – it is a board, on a slant, with a hole in it. But although you can make them, when you start shopping for them online, you will see that there is a much bigger variety of them than you could ever imagine.

What Is a Cornhole Game Board?

If you have never seen this type of game before or never played it, don’t feel bad. This is not as common in some parts of the country as it is in others. If you grew up in the Midwest, then you probably played this all the time, but if you grew up in one of the larger urban areas, then this isn’t really the kind of game that you would play.

A cornhole game board is a simple piece of board, which is usually made out of wood. It is built on a slant and has a small hole toward the top of it. The idea is to throw small bean bags into the hole. This sounds simple enough, but it can be frustrating, and just because you are a good athlete doesn’t mean that you will have an advantage. That is what makes it the ideal game for all families – it is a very level playing field.

Where Can You Buy a Cornhole Game Board?

Again, because this is not always a typical game to play, you may not find it in your local game or toy store. Some people like to build their own, but it can be time-consuming. The good news is that you can buy these online in a variety of price ranges and styles, so you should have no problem finding one that is ideal for your family.

What Should You Look For?

The first thing to keep in mind if you are going to buy a cornhole game board is where you will be playing with it. If you will only be bringing it out once a year for a Fourth of July party, then you probably don’t need one that is super sturdy. On the other hand, if you will have this board up in your backyard all summer long, then you will want to choose one that is much more built to last.

What About the Bean Bags?

When you buy a cornhole game board, you will usually get the bean bags with it, and some sets even have a cornhole score board, too. This can make the game a lot more fun and certainly more challenging. The bean bags are small, and certainly small enough to fit into the hole with ease, and they are lightweight enough that any family member can play with them. There are usually two colors, with three or four bags of each color included in a set, which is enough for two people or two teams to have a great game of toss.

Home Improvement – Best Basement Ideas

Are you living in a house you love, but wish you had more space for your spiritual devotions where you can retreat to your books and your reading when the kids are having a nap? Do you have a dark, dingy, dungeon-like basement, but it is just about big enough to swing a cat in? Are you unsure of what to build because you don’t have the expertise? The first thing you have to do is define the space. Read the following to get you started.

• Be brave and say what the space should be for. Maybe you can’t articulate it in words, but say it by expressing what you want the space for. Don’t go for superficiality, and take time making your decision. The right decision could have glorious results. The wrong decision could be a waste of your money if it doesn’t measure up to your requirements.

• Use your small basement as a hospitality room. As it is not large you have to think carefully how you will furnish it. It is not a grand dwelling, but also not an unreasonable size; you can still create something wonderful.

• If you want to convert it to a guest room for your mother’s yearly visit, you can dress up this simple room with an earthen pot and green shrubby plants and an array of framed photographs on the small dresser. Don’t use this space for a large clumsy refrigerator. A bed, a dresser, an earthen pot and the grand children’s photographs is just right.

• If you love music and movies you can convert this basement space to a home theater or entertainment room where the whole family can entertain themselves. Children who spend time with their parents having fun, have healthy attitudes and are much more likely to be easier to deal with. Have a plasma tv on the wall, and two comfortable couches. Leave this space open and without doors.

• If you are Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist, you may wish to retreat to a prayer room where you are away from the noise of the family to do your devotions. It may be nothing more than sitting quietly, thinking, or meditating.

• A hobby room is also an idea, where kids can play Scrabble or chess, or do jigsaw puzzles, or any other board game they wish to play.

• If you like sewing and making clothes for the kids, this is an ideal room for your sewing machine and a trestle table where you can cut patterns. If you are sewing and designing dresses for people, you will have a little place downstairs where they can come for their fittings.

• A home office or a study room is a great idea if you have a small business and need to do your work on a computer and write invoices and make calls. This is also a place where a child can come to find peace and quiet to concentrate on his studies. Arrange green and blue-purple color lights which improve mental concentration without causing eye strain.