Concrete Resurfacing Unique Solutions For Your Next Home Improvement Project – 5 Places Where

What would you say to a unique, cost effective alternative to remodeling any room in your home that could integrate almost any of your interior design ideas? How would you feel about not having to search for that “perfect” piece of granite or that “exact” color of paint or even the right size tile to fit a particular space or project?

Take concrete resurfacing indoors. This wonderfully artistic, one of a kind application combining durability and functional-artwork, known mostly for outdoor living spaces including driveways, walk ways, patios and outdoor kitchen/living spaces is not just for the outdoors .

If you are looking to upgrade, remodel or renovate, consider utilizing concrete resurfacing. The sealed durability of concrete outweighs both function and longevity of most surfaces that you might be considering. Tile and stone looks can be achieved customizing your design ideas on just about any surface in any room of your house.

Kitchen renovations are among the costliest and although there is no getting around appliance costs, there can be savings to be found in counter tops, back- splashes, walls and flooring. Stone and tile can be replicated at a fraction of the cost by using concrete resurfacing techniques creating custom applications integrating your unique color, texture and design ideas.

Resurfacing techniques using a thin overlay product can be used with little or no preparation to existing tile, linoleum, Formica or wood. Concrete resurfacing takes days rather than weeks or months for installation and when you take into consideration the time and efforts saved in shopping around for tile, paint, that exact piece of granite, not to mention the continually rising fuel costs, you are looking at significant overall cost savings.

Bath renovations are the next costly renovations in home improvement. As with kitchens, although there are not as many appliances/fixtures to replace, there is still a considerable savings to be had using concrete resurfacing. If your bath or shower needs replacing, your imagination is your limitation in deciding the colors and textures that you would like to create! Don’t stop there, carry it through to the walls and floors and while you are at it, resurface your vanity.

Let your dining room take on the old world look of Tuscany, with walls a rough stucco surface in warm inviting melds of yellows and oranges. Create floor tiles that compliment your walls, on the diagonal, mosaic, or 24″ with a contrasting boarder. Create a pattern for your dinning room set on the floor or ceiling (or both if you choose) that pulls in the colors from your kitchen or spills into the colors and style that you are creating for your living room.

Are you looking for a game room, sports bar, or multi-media room feel in your family room? Again, your imagination is your only limitation. Not only floors and walls- think flat surfaces such as tables and bars. Checker and chess boards or for that matter most any gaming table can be created with resurfacing. Basement rooms; what about sketching in a hop scotch, four square or basketball court, creating a fun, functional, decorative space?

For an ongoing dialog on the what, where and how of concrete resurfacing, look for the series on unique solutions for your home improvement projects on, we are constantly finding new and innovative ways to use these techniques!

The Advantages Associated With Family Board Games

There are many advantages associated with family board games. If you have children in the home, it is important to know and understand that what they need and desire the most is to spend quality time with you and other members of their family. Family time is extremely important when it comes to the emotional, intellectual, and psychological development of children. It is important to take interest in your children, listen to the them, and spend time enjoying entertaining activities with them. Not only does this assist in the development of the children, but it also optimizes and strengthens the bond of the family unit as a whole. In this guide, you will learn the advantages associated with family board games.

Learning Opportunities

One of the main advantages associated with family board games is that they provide an entertaining means of learning for children. There are many essential skills and benchmark concepts that are often reinforced through the means of board games that are popular among today’s families. The following highlights some examples of learning opportunities that may be experienced during family game night if you elect to incorporate a board game:

• First, board games provide children with the ability to optimize their ability to recognize certain letters and certain words. In turn, this assists in improving a child’s reading skills.
• Many board games utilize shapes, numbers, and certain mathematical concepts such as counting, multiplying, grouping, and others that are similar in nature. This integration assists in building a child’s math skills.
• Because of the fact that family board games often utilize small pieces, cards, and other objects, it is highly likely that a child will be able to improve their hand-eye coordination skills as well as the manual based dexterity.
• Color recognition and improvements as far as visual perception is concerned has been reported as being beneficial when it comes to children playing board games.

Social Skills

In addition to enhancing certain skills and abilities as far as the intellectual growth is concerned, it has been established that playing family games is also a wonderful way to enhance the social skills of a child. Board games often require a person to communicate either verbally or through the written word. Communication skill development is essential in the life of a child, so this is a very important and beneficial feature associated with games. In addition to this, children will learn how to share and play fairly while taking turns. By interacting with other members of the family, games provide an opportunity for children to open up and communicate openly and comfortably. As a result, the relationships within the family unit are built and fostered on a continuous basic.